Why I’m Happy To Lose Instagram Followers

Repelling is a good thing… 

[dropcap]Ever[/dropcap] since my Instagram page and blog transitioned from just focusing on my personal style and into motherhood, my Instagram took a hit.

In a year, I lost a number of followers with a small gain in return. It’s disheartening considering how open I wanted to be with my tribe about our journey as parents, but now as 2019 approaches I’m actually glad that I have ‘repelled’ those followers.

Why? The number does not matter if those thousands of followers don’t engage with your content. Let’s be real, we are all trying to convert that following into some sort of action, be it to like, comment, buy the product,check out your blogor other platforms etc. If you get unfollowed that’s actually great as they are doing NOTHING  for you, and you are doing nothing for them.

Unfollowing also makes you re-evaluate the content you’re putting out there and challenges you to try new strategies.

instagram followers ganni joolz

Gang dress, Chanel bag, Dior shoes, Joolz pram.

We can blame the algorithm all we want, but the truth is Instagram is not designed to work in your favour, so why stress over it when you can take some of that energy and put it into something you actually own I.e a website? Newsflash, Instagram owns your material so if the whole thing comes crashing down one day, what will you have to show for all that time spent perfecting your feed? Plus, I love having my own website.

My aim is to continue to repel the followers that I don’t need, to make room for those that I can genuinely connect with. I still love fashion, but unlike before I can’t go out and constantly buy new clothes as Lola takes priority – and new purchases is what drives that fashion following for style bloggers.

So if instead you like seeing how you can create a capsule wardrobe with what you have, learn multiple ways of styling your faves,  shop the essentials rather than trend-led pieces, and come along with me on our journey with Lola, then it’s a pleasure having you.

If not, you know where the unfollow button is x



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