What I’ve learnt from my interview with CEO of Boucheron, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne


Another highlight of my time at Emirates Woman magazine

Founded over 160 years ago, the house of Boucheron has grown to be one of the most respected and influential jewellery Maisons. 

From the Serpent Bohème collection which first launched in 1968, to the Quatre collection inspired by Paris, Boucheron offers classic elegance with a modern twist. 

I had the pleasure of speaking to the current CEO, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne, who has been at the helm for over five years. We spoke about the impact the pandemic had on the brand, the future of fine jewellery and her management style. 


The importance of sincerity

“I am a big advocate of sincerity for two main reasons. First, it is one of my core values at a personal level and second, I think that anyway, if you are not sincere in what you are doing or the story you are telling, then clients will feel it.”

You can be “you” at work

“To me, there is no distinction between being a CEO and a woman, a mother. Integrity and authenticity drive my life and I refuse to be a different person at work then I am at home.”

On balancing career and family

” “Quality above quantity” is my motto. I believe that my sons have the right behaviour today because I have always made sure that we communicate a lot about their feelings, what they are living. We share a lot.”

Embrace you mantras 

“I love mantras like “Try to move the things that can be moved, do not try to change things that cannot be changed and above all, make the difference between the two” from Marc Aurèle. Or “never spoil a good crisis” – I have been using it every day since the beginning of COVID.

Learn how to bookend your days

I wake up and drink a fresh juice of fruits, vegetables, ginger and turmeric, that I obtain from my juice extractor. It is a real shot of vitamins. Before falling asleep, I always read a minimum of three pages of a book.”

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