Our Weaning Journey: Lola’s Favourite Recipes

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We are seven months into weaning and I’m loving it…

[dropcap]We[/dropcap] made a tiny error when we started our weaning journey. Apparently, it’s always best to kick off with vegetables and potatoes, but I decided not to read any recommendations and went straight in with sweet potatoes, carrots and apples.

Safe to say she has a sweet tooth now. Despite that minor faux pas, over the last seven months her taste buds have developed, but she refuses to eat anything green so I have to disguise broccoli in frittatas and veggie muffins.

weaning recipes parenting dubai motherhood diana bell tips 1At times, it can be disheartening to see her refuse the food I’ve been slaving over in the kitchen, but when she is virtually licking the plate I get so excited!

As I work full time I have to be smart with my time in the evenings, so I try and make a lot that can last her over two days, and there rest I freeze. Weekends are my big bulk cooking days and that’s when I experiment with new recipes.

weaning recipes parenting dubai motherhood diana bell tips

She can pretty much eat everything now but I do my best to omit extra salt and sugar and try my best not to give her too many snacks in between so she gets maximum nutrients.

She now has a bottle in the morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bottle before bed with two snacks during the day.

weaning recipes parenting dubai motherhood diana bell tips 1


Rule of 15: somebody DM’d me on Instagram saying that it’s worth letting them try something 15 times before you take it off the menu. 

Plates: I love using bamboo bamboo and eco rascals, and for travel Tommee Tippee are great which you can get on Mumzworld.com with my discount code Diana10

Cooking family meals: it is so much easier to cook for everyone and just do a version for the baby without any seasoning 

Stop worrying: I’ve learnt that babies are pretty smart at knowing when they’re hungry or not so if they don’t finish. I found when she has minimum distractions during meal time, she eats better. 

Do read:I highly recommend Young Gums and also Real Food By Two Moms 

And follow: @sr_nutrition and @ameliafreer 

weaning recipes parenting dubai motherhood diana bell tips 1

Below are Lola’s favourite meals, for which I’ll be sharing full recipes, please feel free to comment below.


Apple crumble with Greek yogurt 

Oats and banana pancakes 

Berry porridge 

Egg Shakshucka 

Egg and vegetable frittatas 

Scrambled eggs toast and avocado 

Bagel with cream cheese and boiled egg 

weaning recipes parenting dubai motherhood diana bell tips 1


Shepherd’s pie 

Chicken leek pasta bake 

Penne with veggie tomato sauce 

Popcorn chicken with wholemeal penne and cream cheese avocado sauce 

Popcorn cod and roast veg with cucumber yogurt dip 

Cheesy meatballs with red pepper linguine 

Roast cod risotto 




Green smoothie

Sweet corn fritters 

Raspberry muffins 

Banana bread 

Courgette cheese muffins 


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