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pregnant dubai fashion blogger

Sh*t just got real…

pregnant dubai fashion blogger

Starting to show at 16 weeks! Wearing Storets dress and Gucci belt.

[dropcap]Okay[/dropcap], this is still surreal for me to write, but Kip and I are having a baby! It’s a strange but an incredible feeling considering how we have no clue what we’re doing and I know nothing about being pregnant in Dubai. I’m the first from our close group of friends to venture into the motherhood, but I feel so lucky to have met friends/mummies here who have been so supportive (special shout out to Fatima and Carmel!)

We didn’t expect it to happen so soon as I read that when you’ve been on a pill for a long time, it can take up to 2 years for your body to be back to normal. Knowing that, we decided not to think about it and let things play out. However, I did read on a random forum that having more soya in your diet boosts your oestrogen level so after stopping my pill early this year we got a + sign on our pregnancy test few months later! Obviously I’m not scientifically saying that it’s down to that, but you never know.

pregnancy maternity dubai hospital

Week 10 scan. You can see the baby taking shape.

How We Found Out
After a heavy night out, I woke up blurred eye and checked my phone and noticed the date and immediately thought ‘oh I’m late’. I crawled out of bed to a pharmacy at the bottom of our building, bought a test and ta da it was positive. I shook Kip awake who was excited/hangover and we just laughed and fell back asleep after taking some much needed pain killers (pregnancy friendly of course).

Tip: It was hard not to announce to everyone straight away, but I wanted to to wait till week 12 to make sure everything was fine before telling family and friends.

Next Step
Test showed I was 5 weeks which means it was a size of a sesame seed so we booked a doctors appointment to confirm. We’ve only been in Dubai a year so I had no clue where to go and this is where Carmel was a life saver. She already has a 1-year old girl and is pregnant with her second and could tell me exactly where to go and who to see on my health insurance package. I was nervous, it was still so soon but after a quick scan and two blood tests they confirmed that I was indeed expecting.

Tip: Downloaded a Pregnancy+ app, it’s amazing for information and showing you the size of your baby by using fruit as comparison (mine is an avocado this week).

First Trimester
Some mums out there are going to hate my but I have literally felt nothing. In fact, when I went for my 8 and 10 week scans I had to double check it was still there as I had no morning sickness and didn’t feel any different apart from sore boobs (woohoo they’re getting bigger). I have felt a little slumped as I wasn’t able to exercise on the same level (you have to take it easy in the first few weeks) but you can get back into it after 12th week. Hearing the baby’s heart beat was incredible and nothing prepares you for how fast and strong it is. On week 12 we did another scan and also a blood test for Downs syndrome screening which all came back clear and healthy.

Tip: You have to do your Downs test before week 14 so make sure to book that in advance

pregnancy maternity dubai hospital

Week 16 scan. Baby from the back.

Starting Second Trimester
Telling our family and friends has been truly wonderful. It made it even more ‘real’ and having that support, especially now that live far from them in Dubai, is invaluable. I can now get back into working out as it’s important to remain fit and healthy for when you get bigger. I have a tiny bump but nothing too obvious and I am careful not to ‘eat for two’ as you don’t actually need to consume a whole lot more as long as it is balanced and nourishing to you and your baby. I am missing certain foods like sushi and smoked salmon, but in all it hasn’t effected my too much especially as I’m not a heavy drinker, though being a sober at a wedding is a tad dull…

Tip: You can pretty much eat anything but be aware of what you should avoid and research which workouts are best

It’s early days in my second trimester and I’ll be sure to keep you updated here and on my social media platforms. I can’t wait to share maternity styling tips and of course letting you know if it’s a girl or boy (cast your bets now!) I’m still getting my head around the fact that come middle of December we will have another member in our family, which has so far been dominated by our four legged monsters (they look so grumpy in the first pic). It’s been a mad 2017 so far with a new job, new home and now a baby on the way and sharing all of that with you, my online fam, makes this journey even more special.

I really want to connect to the mama’s out there as I have no idea what to expect, especially when it comes to giving birth in Dubai. Thank you in advance for all your support and we are beyond thrilled for what’s to come…


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