Top Five: My Favourite Sock Boots

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Up your shoe game…

Dolce & Gabbana tights, Louis Vuitton boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

[dropcap]Ever[/dropcap] since I saw black Balenciaga sock boots, which sold out instantly, I have been on a hunt for a perfect pair as they are probably the most wearable styles for the desert.

Winter is coming and that means a very different thing in Dubai to what it means in London. It rains once or twice rather than every day and you are more likely to wear them with dresses than wool trousers and coats.

Two best things about these boots?

  1. They feel as light as a feather in comparison to their leather counterpart allowing your foot some breathing space.
  2. The fitted fabric is designed to hug your ankles and feel like second skin, as a result this creates a slimming effect.

Shop my top five favourite sock boots now:

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Boots You Can Wear In Dubai

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