My all time favourite winter outfits that I always turn to

Quality over quantity

Ever since we came back to the UK and I started unpacking boxes of winter pieces that haven’t seen the light of day during our four years in sunny Dubai, I realised how many cold-weather essentials I have.

This inspired the Reels series on Instagram where I style something I haven’t worn for 5 years or more. This circular fashion approach makes you appreciate the investment pieces and prevent you from splurging on unnecessary purchases to fill the apparent gaps in your wardrobe.

In my 20’s I was a high street addict. I worked in central London so almost every day I’d go to Topshop or Zara and buy anything that looked great on display. I didn’t have a personal sense of style so anything that the shop pushed, I was the first in line.

Few years after working in fashion and analysing how my mum shops (quality over quantity) I discovered my style confidence. I still fall into the trends trap, but what 2020 has taught me is that frivolous spending on stuff you don’t really need or like is wasteful and unsatisfying.

Now I look back on 100 moments I said no to Zara to then say yes once at Celine. My forever pieces are the core of my wardrobe and if you invest in one amazing item, make it a coat.

Below, I have selected some of the looks I return to time and time again when I want to beat the chill.


Prada camel coat, Dolce & Gabbana dress, Wolford tights and Prada boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

Celine pink coat, Gap jumper, Dolce & Gabbana jeans, Prada shoes, Lulu Frost necklace.
By Victoria Adamson.


Louis Vuitton coat and dress.
By Victoria Adamson.

Louis Vuitton cape, Reiss roll neck, Dolce & Gabbana skirt, Prada boots and bag and Zara hat.
By Victoria Adamson.

Dolce & Gabbana coat and trousers, Topshop socks, Adidas trainers, Fendi bag.
By Victoria Adamson.

Dolce & Gabbana coat and scarf, Burberry shirt, MiH jeans, Topshop hat, Louis Vuitton bag.
By Victoria Adamson.

Prada shearling coat, MiH jeans, Dior bag, Dolce & Gabbana boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

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