This under-the-radar fragrance house creates affordable luxury candles

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I can’t keep it secret

If you’ve stopped by my blog previously, you might’ve caught sight of my ultimate candle roundup. I am obsessed beyond words with luxury fragrance houses that create exception scent combinations that can instantly transform the room with one swoosh of a matchstick. 

Unfortunately, this is an expensive habit and there has to be a good reason for me to spend over £50 on a candle. So I have decided to broaden my horizons beyond Diptyque, Byredo and Le Labo in search of small or emerging brands that deliver on qualities I associate with a fancy candle:

  1. Even burn
  2. A gradual release of fragrance
  3. Collectible packing (I have reused so many candle holders for makeup brushes etc)
  4. A unique combination of scent

La Montaña was created by a husband and wife team who wanted to capture the magical scents of nature that surround their home in a remote mountain village of Spain – doesn’t that already sound dreamy? Using high-quality essential oils, the duo creates an aromatic escape to the Mediterannean while the packaging references vintage 30’s travel posters.

If this is your first encounter with La Montaña then I suggest starting with the signature scent, ‘First Light’. The aromatic combination of Fennel, Rosemary and Rockrose mimic that moment when dawn breaks on the mountainside while the vibrant Mountain Pepper gives it a punchy finish. The scent is beautifully balanced and defined. So much so that I didn’t even have to light it for the fragrance to fill the room. 

The brand has clearly been doing well with its selection of candles and has now expanded the range into diffusers. The best part? Candles start at £36 and diffusers are £35 which is pretty good considering the cost of some top-end candles. 

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