My Fitness Rules

Staying fit is all about finding the right balance…

Celine sneakers. Photo by Victoria Adamson.

Celine sneakers. Photo by Victoria Adamson

If you have been following my Snapchat (if not pretty please do!) then you may have seen my fitness routine. I don’t tend to specifically diet a few months before the dreaded bikini reveal but just try my best to be good throughout the year with a few cheat days (I’m only human) so when it’s nearly time to hit the beach I feel confident.

The other day I was reading piece in a magazine about the new take on the 5:2 diet (its now 3-2-1-2), raw diet and some routine that involves drinking a shot of espresso with a knob of butter for breakfast! There are so many options out there which I’m sure work for some people, but for me it’s hard to stick to a strict routine for long. When I decided to be a bit more healthier all I did was swap my naughty snacks for fruit and nuts and just add more veg and juices to my diet. I still eat carbs, indulge in cakes if I want to, but I make sure to balance it out and push myself at the gym.

Rest in between workouts. By Victoria Adamson.

Rest in between workouts.
By Victoria Adamson.

For workouts I can’t praise boxing enough! It’s cardio and strength training but you’re concentrate so much on punching you don’t notice the intensity until the 3-minute round is over. I also love weights, in the past I avoided that section like a plague full of muscly man grunting, but it is one of the best ways to get lean muscle and I actually feel like my body has worked harder than it would’ve done if I ran on a treadmill for an hour. I actually hate running so I choose interval training instead where you sprint for 30 seconds and have a 30 second rest and do that about 4 times, nothing gets your heart pumping like sprints! I’d also recommend reformer Pilatesm and going on a hike while the sun is still shining (love Box Hill). Hot yoga is also one of my faves for stretching and loosening the muscles (never underestimate the importance of stretching after a workout and having rest days, it eases the pain you feel!)

Nike trainers, socks, top and water bottle, Lululemon sports bra and leggings.

Nike trainers, socks, top and water bottle, Lululemon sports bra and leggings.

As for workout gear I swear by Nike for trainers, tops and socks while LuluLemon is amazing for sports bra’s and leggings. It may seem a bit shallow but I like to look good when I go to the gym as there are mirrors everywhere and its motivating too. Working out and eating healthy has definitely boosted my energy level that I’m actually okay waking up at 6am (not everyday though). Finding the perfect balance is the best way to stay on course with your fitness goals, but make those goals realistic. I know I will never have abs like Gwen Steffani, I just love pasta too much!

What is your workout routine? Hope you all have a fab weekend! x





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