SANDD BITES: What I’ve Learnt From Vlogging So Far

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Sharing what I learn from five months of vlogging …

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Some tourists wanted a selfie during our shoot!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] few months back I decided to start a YouTube channel and I found the new platform slightly daunting. I was so keen to create those bespoke, boutique-esk style of videos but with a full-time job, a baby on the way and lack of pro equipment I struggled to keep up. But then I realised that’s I just made my first f*ck up.

I Started A YouTube Channel
More Blogging Tips

Yes, beautiful visuals are super important, but when starting out I think it’s more about building an audience, being consistent and delivering interesting content. I don’t have a film crew or editing skills and you know what, some of the biggest vloggers don’t either but they have developed best practice to suit their style. So here is what I learnt from my few weeks of vlogging:

Stick To A Schedule – I can’t do the recommended 3 videos a week, but I will make sure the ones I do are the best they can be and I stick to my weekly Thursday posts (fingers crossed!)

Use Every Opportunity – When we shoot outfits for the blog, we also make short videos of each one that we can put together as a look book.

You Don’t Need Pro Equipment – iPhone is a great tool for capturing snippets of action that can lead to a behind the scenes video for example.

Practice – I hate talking, but then who else loves the sound of their voice? Practice makes perfect!

Research – Watching other vloggers made me realise that the content doesn’t have to be complicated, just share what you love and a bunch of people might love those things too. Also look into best keyword practices and other vlogging tips online to make your videos as visible as possible.

Engage – Reply to comments and leave your opinion on other videos you like. Also, promote your creations across all social media channels.

Below is the most recent look book video that we did during the last shoot, please let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to my channel as there is going to be plenty more content including some mummy-to-be videos.


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