SANDD BITES: 3 Tips For A Great Restaurant Review

dubai fashion blogger restaurant review

A restaurant review is a good way to start adding lifestyle content to your site...

If you want to start working with more lifestyle brands, a restaurant review is tasty way to start. I have enjoyed doing most of mine but there have been a couple of occasions where images just didn’t work or the whole experience felt rather awkward. Follow my tips below for a great restaurant review and not a spoilt meal. 

  1. Always ask the PR exactly what is included in the review to avoid uncomfortable moment of when you realise you only had a limited allowance and just downed a very fancy bottle of wine.
  2. Lunchtime reviews are best as you get plenty of natural light to help pictures look their best. Head to pinterest for inspirations and ask for a table by the window for best quality.
  3. Always thank the PR and send them your review once it’s up. Don’t be afraid to be honest as restaurants want to improve, but keep it balanced.

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