Relocating from Dubai to the UK in the middle of a pandemic

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Guess who’s back? That’s right, we have decided to come back to the UK after four years in Dubai and the move has been interesting to say the least.

We always envisioned returning to the rainy shores, especially for Lola’s education, but COVID-19 has significantly sped up our plans so there we were in an empty airport ready to board one of the four flights that were operating that day. If you want to read more about our in-flight experience, check out the post I did for

We did toy with the idea of going back to the Middle East after the summer – Kip will be doing so anyways for work – but as the situation around the world changed, we knew it’s best for Lola to stay here. The most upsetting part for me is not being able to see our friends and the people who made our time in Dubai special, but at least we are just a WhatsApp away.


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Naturally we were nervous. How do you go “back to normal”, see friends and family during this time of great uncertainty? On one hand we had plenty of time to settle into our new home and establish a routine, but on the other hand it’s so hard to plan when rules and regulations change overnight.

Thankfully, Lola has settled in beautifully. She loves being outside come rain or shine and has finally started nursery. On the first day there were a lot of tears, from her and me, but now she runs inside without so much as a “bye” and a wave. I’m so impressed with her confidence and that happy attitude has actually made our move back to the UK worth all the anxiety.

I however have a new job – job hunting which I fucking hate. Just the phrase “cover letter” makes me shudder. Thankfully Emirates Woman has equipped me with so many skills in such a short time so Im sure I’ll find a place that’s just as inspiring and until then there will be freelance opportunities.


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I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted anything on my blog. I used to love adding outfit and mummy posts but with my role being so digitally heavy, I just didn’t have the time to create any content but now I feel I can come back to this platform with newfound energy and I look forward to sharing our UK adventures with you.

For now, thank you Dubai for everything we have gained, most importantly our baby girl. I’m sure we will be holidaying there in the future!

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