‘Hey, It’s Okay’ Parenting Moments

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It’s only been nine months, but I’ve done all of these…

[dropcap]We’ve[/dropcap] only been in the role of parents for nine months, but when they say your life instantly changes – they’re right.

motherhood mum blog uk uae dubai

There are so many highlights and f*ck ups along the way, but instead of chasing that goal of being an ‘amazing’ parent, it’s feel so much better to keep trying to be the best you can for your family and accept those ‘hey, it’s okay moments’. Here are some of ours.


  • To not breast feed for as long as you hoped or ‘should’
  • To want to go back to work and even cutting your maternity leave short (in Dubai its 45 day which is way to short but I hear of mums in the UK going back after five months)
  • To not make your own baby food even though you pinned recipes and bought books
  • To switch on the TV rather than engage in a ‘stimulating activity’
  • To enjoy time away from her (after initially breaking down in tears on the plane)  
  • To accept that sometimes, baby stuff is boring
  • To not want to interact with other babies
  • To compare yourself to other parents and secretly hope your baby is better than theirs (FYI I think all babies are wonderful, but you know Lola is pretty awesome)
  • To use the baby as an excuse get out of things
  • To enjoy baby-based conversation with your baby-free friends even though you told yourself you’ll never be ‘that mum’
  • Also, to post way too many pictures of your baby even though you told yourself you wouldn’t
  • To schedule separate time with your other half because you’re not ‘just parents’  
  • To get excited about your baby doing her first solid poo etc
  • To spend more money on her clothes than yours (Net-A-Porter needs to launch a kids section)
  • To not get as drunk as you wanted to on your night off because you’re now a responsible parent…
  • And cry about being irresponsible if you do have one too many and can’t remember how you got home
  • To look forward to child friendly holidays
  • To put off doing your hair, nails, eyebrows etc because it’s ‘better’ to put that money towards formula and diapers
  • To innocently wait for your mum’s visit who will be ‘oh too happy’ to pay for the above
  • To not want to ever go back to your previous life when you didn’t have a cute bundle of joy waking you up at 4.30am, slapping your face when you go in for a kiss and making a complete mess during food time

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