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Prismologie review.

Prismologie review.

A new exciting approach to skincare…

White Beginning Rich Body Cream is my fave. By Victoria Adamson.

White Beginning Rich Body Cream is my fave.
By Victoria Adamson.

Happy Friday! I’m getting ready for a bank holiday weekend in Paris and I am so excited to see it in spring and even more excited to go to Disney Land! I’m such a kid at heart and we are determined to stay there from 10am until it closes at 8pm! Make sure to follow my snapchat and Instagram for all the latest but now I really wanted to talk about this new beauty range I came across during Space NK press day.

Have you guys ever had light therapy or the colour of the room adjusted to suite your ‘zen’ when you had a massage? It is believed that each colour has an effect on your mood and that’s the theory behind this new beauty brand Prismologie. The products are designed to compliment the way you want to feel that day and are packed with all the natural goodies for your skin.

Velvety texture. By Victoria Adamson.

Velvety texture.
By Victoria Adamson.

Want to feel like you’re ready to take on the world? Then opt for the red range and start the day foaming body scrub which scented with cedarwood and leaves your skin super soft.

I’m a type of person who prefers clean, stripped down environments as it gives me space to focus so the white range is my favourite. Created to give you that clarity, the soothing White Beginning Rich Body Cream with botanical extracts, diamond micro-crystals and neroli fragrance has an incredibly soft texture and is such a pleasure to apply.

The indigo range is designed for ‘stillness, wisdom and renewed self awareness’ and for the end of the day my feet were in much need of this deeply moisturising foot cream. It has the strongest fragrance of all the products from the brand which is ideal for foot care.

By Victoria Adamson.

By Victoria Adamson.

There’s also citrusy yellow to give you that boost of energy, green filled with botanical extracts for calmness and tender pink range infused with rose oils.

Do you think colour can effect your mood? Let me know your thoughts in the comment boxes below and have the most wonderful weekend! x


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