Prenatal Fitness in Dubai

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My top pick of prenatal fitness in Dubai…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] never thought about pregnancy when it comes to working out but the importance of keeping fit and healthy throughout has become even more clear to me in the last weeks. I can’t say I’m a fitness freak but I like doing classes 3-4 times a week including reformer Pilates, Barre and HIIT and I also eating healthy with a few indulgences here and there, but I never considered how a healthier lifestyle can have a positive effect on a comfortable pregnancy. Your body needs for you to be strong for carrying a baby, it’s a lot of work so the effort you put in before and during pregnancy not only helps with dealing with a heavy belly and then baby feeding, but also prepares you for actual labor. Make sure you also always consult your doctor and most importantly listen to your body.

I took it easy in my first trimester as it’s a delicate stage of pregnancy but then when I entered my second trimester I started following workout videos on YouTube and attending classes that are ideal for prenatal. If you’ve always been fit then you know what works for you but if you’re just getting into, classes are great as you learn how to do the moves correctly without any injuries. Prenatal fitness in Dubai isn’t as wide as in London, but here are some of my regular favourites that not only helps you stay fit but are also fun.

NAME: Urban Energy  

CLASS: Pre & Postnatal Fitness
TRIMESTER: All (there was one lady who was 37 weeks and rocking it!)

WHATS THE DEAL: This is the first class that really felt was prenatal. From clear instructions, emphasis on how exercise benefits the entire pregnancy as well as recovery, and a bunch of ladies in various stages of their mama journey. We started with an aerobics warm up and then proceeded with a circuit designed to give you a full body workout which could be altered depending on how much you can do. Everyone mingled throughout making it a great class not only for feeling fit but interaction with other mums.
LOCATION: Kids HQ Al Barsha and Train SF Gym Al Quoz.

NAME: Define 


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CLASS: Body Barre

WHATS THE DEAL: Define Barre offers a ballet inspired cardio workout that gets your heart pumping and your muscles pulsing. First time is hard but then you’re hooked. All Body classes are prenatal friendly just make sure to tell the instructor how many weeks you’re at.

LOCATIONDubai Marina

NAME: Urban Yoga 


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CLASS: Prenatal Yoga

WHATS THE DEAL: Its one of the coolest yoga studios I’ve been with an impressive view over Dubai. Apart from that, the classes are not what people think is ‘boring yoga’, it’s a great balance of challenging poses, stretching and breathing which will help when it comes to pushing that baby out!
LOCATION: Business Bay

NAME: L’Atelier Fitness 

CLASS: Aqua Biking

TRIMESTER: First and second (by third your belly might be too big to do some of the moves near the bar handles) 
WHATS THE DEAL: This is one of the better workouts for the summer heat as it happens in a chilled pool. Once you get used to the bike and manage to balance in water, it’s a pretty tough workout that not only effects your legs but also abs (with some crunches in the pool) and your arms. It’s gentle on your joints, burns more calories than a normal spin class and works a wide range of muscles. I’m not one for cycling but even I thought it was good fun.
LOCATION: Al Wasl Road 

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