Post-Baby Fitness: How I’m Getting Back Into Shape

Working out post baby is much harder than I thought…

[dropcap]Welcome[/dropcap] back to the blog! Firstly, who is watching the world cup? I’m gutted not to be in my home city of Moscow soaking up the atmosphere, especially as Russia is doing surprisingly well! We’ve been keeping up with the games at home and my family are still in town helping to look after Lola. I’m so used to living apart from them after moving to the UK by myself at 10, but it’s amazing having them under one roof and even now I’m 30 I still get incredibly home sick. Don’t think that ever goes away…

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Anyways, since I’m still trying to figure out how to balance baby, family, work and blogging, I’ve now decided to add fitness into the mix, because this mama needs to lift her bum, attack the bingo wings and do something about the jelly belly.

Time management has become a crucial part of my daily routine. While before I leisurely scheduled fitness classes, now I have to make a careful decision. I can technically go before or after work, but that is my Lola time. I can try and go on weekends but again, I’d rather be with family. I like keeping fit as I’m incredibly conscious of my body and feel so much better after sweating it out in a Barre class, but what was doable before might not be as manageable now. So how to kick the fitness regime off?

I’m trying PT sessions at home. At the beginning, I did some swimming and loved the outdoor yoga session with Ba&sh to celebrate their sports collection, which you can shop in their City Walk store, but I need to really sweat to feel like I’ve used my hour wisely, though it would be good to find some patience for yoga as I have the tightest body you could possibly imagine!

You might feel good post pregnancy, but your body might not be ready for the heavy stuff. In my case, my ab muscles aren’t fully back together, so Barry’s Bootcamp was not a good idea with all the jumping and quick bursts of cardio. Strengthening deep abdominal muscles is key to getting back into pre-baby shape, so I think a trained PT is the best way to get results in a careful, yet effective way. Also, YouTube video’s are great if you have self motivation. 

So far, we have done weights, interval training, TRX, light cardio and super subtle exercises that are effective on the deeper abdominal muscles. I’m only a couple of weeks in, and it’s tough and frustrating as I don’t have the same stamina as before, but I need keep going, even if I only have two hours a week to dedicate to this.

I’m going to be tracking my progress on Instagram from next week and would love to hear from you guys of anything else you think I should try.

Thank you for reading! x

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