My Three Days With Detox Delight

detox delight health diet

Sharing with you my first ever detox experience…

detox delight health diet

detox delight health diet

[dropcap]Up[/dropcap] to about two months ago I considered myself pretty healthy. I was exercising 3-4 times a week including hard core HIIT classes and doing my best to keep away from all the nasties. Then one week I skipped all my classes as my body was exhausted and now completely lost my discipline. Exercising once a week is most that I can manage with work and new puppy waking me up at 6am, while Cheetos have become a diet staple. My skin has suffered, I don’t feel as toned and it has generally had a knock on my confidence. I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually enjoy exercise that much however I love the way I feel after so I’ve decided to get back on it and start with a 3-day cleanse.

Detox Delight offers a variety of meal options for juice only to juices and food. I opted for a combination as I need more than liquids to keep me going at work. It comes beautifully packaged with the menu as well as a list of instructions and side note of any side effects from the detox which could include headaches as your body clears of toxins. Over all I was happy with it, I didn’t feel the loss of energy that I expected and wasn’t tempted to snack. There weren’t extreme results as it was only three days but it did make me remember how nice it is  to eat fresh and healthy. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of breakfasts or dinners as they lacked flavour for me to stay interested but I loved the juices and soups and would happily make them part of my usual diet. 

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