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I was 13 years old when I tried my first eyeliner. In the school bathroom I was watching one of my friends applying layers and layers of a black eye pencil to her lower lid and I was captivated, she suddenly went from a kid to a teenager. After poking myself in the eye several times, causing black tinted tears to run down my face, I managed it and it became an essential tool in my school bag followed closely by mascara (black eyeliner with blonde bare lashes just looks weird).

By Pippa MacKenzie.

By Pippa MacKenzie.

So up to the age of 23 I always applied eyeliner on the inside of top and bottom lashes and then mascara, reapplying throughout the day but still not achieving the big bright eye look that makes an impact. But then a revelation! The makeup artist for my wedding (from Absolute Perfection) looked through my old pictures and said that putting eyeliner on the inside of the lower lid makes my eyes look small. What?! My wedding makeup changed my look for the better so I want to share my daily eye makeup routine with you!

I love Bobbi Brown ( £18 here) gel eyeliner, I find the pencil rubs off to quickly and my hands aren’t stable enough for liquid liner. I use a bent eyeliner brush from Space NK (£15 here), perfect for accurate application, and draw along the lash line of the top lid and underneath leaving the lower lid intact. Then I curl my lashes Shu Uemura (£20 here) curlers, by far the best that I have tried, followed by at least 4 coats of mascara and 2 coats on the lower lashes. My moto, when you think you’ve added enough just add one more layer.

My daily eye makeup routine. By Pippa MacKenzie

My favourite is a Growing Booster Terrybly Mascara by Terry (£32 here) which contains lash-lengthening serum. Over the last year that I’ve been using it, my lashes have more volume, length and are always coated evenly without clumps. Sometimes I use an old dry mascara to brush through my lashes and divide them before applying a new one.

Whats your routine?

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