Motherhood: What To Expect In Month 1

motherhood dubai mamas papas

It’s been a crazy but amazing first month with Lola!

motherhood dubai mamas papas

[dropcap]Every[/dropcap] parent warns you that the first month of parenthood is going to be tough – they underplay how tough it really is.

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You’re getting to know each other, the little one is adjusting to a whole new world of senses and they are completely dependent on you which is a nerve wracking! It took me a while to adjust to breastfeeding and I was so upset when her weight didn’t increase and we had to start using formula from week 1. It’s hard not to feel like a failure but you have to let that go and focus on doing everything you can to make sure they’re healthy. 

I also learnt to accept help. It’s important for your partner and yourself to be a team and adjust together but appreciate that your parents or/and a nanny have been through this already and are there to support you. I was very protective, but once I saw that they are more than capable at soothing and feeding her, the weight was lifted.

motherhood dubai mamas papas

Here is what else I’ve learn over the last few weeks:

  • Dirty diapers aren’t the worst things, once you’ve changed a few it becomes automatic. Warning: place a clean diaper underneath the one you’re changing because babies tend to explode when you least expect it and Lola always pees herself when I use a cold baby wipe 
  • Babies make so many noises when they sleep, but you’ll get used to it
  • Dedicate a lot of time to burping because once they get too gassy or colic – it’s the worst 
  • Ready-made liquid formula is more expensive but better as consistency is closer to breast milk than the powder ones you make yourself, which can lead to constipation 
  • Try and have a date night. Putting on makeup and dressing up made me feel so much better! 
  • Lola loves bouncing, it soothes her so I’m getting one of those exercise balls 
  • Kip does a very low hum like in yoga which also soothes her 
  • Download white noise playlist which helps settle them 
  • Let’s face it, mums do the night shift so if you don’t have a nanny, ask your partner to do one night a week to give you time to rest. 

Unlike some mums I didn’t feel instant love when they put her on my chest after delivery. Mix of drugs, shakes from the operation and shock of becoming parents took over and it’s only after a couple of days when I could walk and take a shower I homed in on the fact that she is OUR little girl and I love every single inch of her, even the dirty bottom. 

Share the love and let me know how motherhood has been for you! 


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