Loungewear co-ords can take you from sofa to coffee date

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Embrace comfort dressing

After months of lockdown and Zoom meetings, I imagine you’re all sick and tired of loungewear, but for me, it’s still a novelty.

As we spent the majority of COVID-19 in Dubai, it was too hot to wear joggers or sweatshirts, but now we’re back in the UK and there is a potential snow day on the cards, I’m fully embracing huggable fashion.

Any editor will confirm that co-ords can tackle any style dilemma in one go. Think of a suit or a matching skirt and blouse, wearing a two-piece is effortless and timeless, so why not elevate your at-home wardrobe in the same way?


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Style Notes

Undone dressing doesn’t have to be boring or shapeless. Choose high waist trousers with a relaxed fit and add an elongated matching roll neck on top. It will make the outfit feel seamless and lengthened without overwhelming your frame. My two-piece is from Zara.

Otherwise, you can go for classic joggers and a cropped sweatshirt, or if you have your heating on, grab a pair of knit shorts and matching hoodie.

Layering loungewear is elegant and simple. Go for cashmere trousers, add a cotton T-shirt or long sleeve top and finish off with a maxi matching cardigan. Don’t forget to accent with some gold jewellery.


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Personally, I prefer loungewear in muted tones of sandy beige, cappuccino brown, soft grey, pearl white or black, but if you go for a colour I’d stick to rich tones like purple or fuschia pink.

If you’re heading out, just throw on a coat in a similar colourway, add a pair of sneakers or chunky boots and don’t forget those giant sunnies.

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