Why I’m Glad We Had A Baby In Dubai

I never imagined I’d have a baby in Dubai, but I’m so happy we did…

[dropcap]Hello[/dropcap] lovelies and thank you for stopping by my blog covering fashion and motherhood in Dubai!

It’s officially starting to cool down in desert and we can’t wait to be able to take Lola to the beach again.

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Can you believe she’s almost eight months? The time is flying and we are having a blast. We are going through the next stage of teething, but she’s happily eating solids (will be sharing a post on her feeding schedule next week) and is confidently sitting up all by herself.

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been evaluating our choice to have a baby in Dubai vs London, and overall I’m glad we did it here

Starting a family is a huge commitment no matter where you are, but I think in London it’s especially hard as it takes you that much longer to get on the property ladder and progress in your career.

Because of that, I have no friends who are even close to having a baby, and us new mummies need someone to just grab a cup of tea with and discuss the struggle of breastfeeding and surviving on -100 hours of sleep!

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In Dubai, I’ve been fortunate to meet a group of amazing women through work and blogging who all have babies round the same age as Lola. They are my mummy circle of support and it’s so fun to share stories and experiences

Another thing I always worried about is the fact that both mine and Kip’s family don’t live anywhere near London – who can we turn to for babysitting duties?! In Dubai, as strange as it was for us to adjust to, we could have a live-in nanny to help with everything.

Our nanny has become part of the family and I’m glad to have someone experienced at home making Lola laugh! She sometimes does the night shift so we can catch up on precious sleep, and she also sits with her when we decide to have a date night.

dubai mums motherhood mummy blogger uae diana sweatshirtsanddresses

I admit, 45 days maternity leave sucks. You’ve just about got used to having a little human in your life, and all of the sudden you have to go back to work. But on the flip side, being mainly on my own with Lola for whole year would’ve been challenging.

I’ve heard from a number of women (on mummy podcasts) feeling like they lost their confidence, grew resentful of their partners and couldn’t wait to go back to work. I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone, and I take my hat off to the mum’s doing it all, but I’m glad I didn’t have as many negative experiences.

Do I wish that I could spend more time with Lola? Yes. But we personally would not have been able to have a balanced lifestyle we have here if we had a baby in London. Now every morning before work, every evening before bed, and weekends have become extra precious and we couldn’t be happier with our parenting journey so far.

I can’t wait to share more with you, but we’ll be doing it in a slightly different way. Stay tuned!

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