I tried a laser facial and it has tackled redness, unevenness and pigmentation

This treatment has completely transformed my approach to skincare

Up until Summer 2020, I thought I had nailed my skincare routine. I was happy with my complexion (apart from some redness that appeared during pregnancy) and had a selection of premium brands packed with all the winning ingredients that promise to deliver magical results.

I also loved booking in for a facial, have a jade roller and invested in numerous sheet masks. During my years of working in publishing, I have been offered several medical facials – from vitamin injections to blood facials – but I have always resisted. Partly it was the mild fear of needles and partly that I felt it was all too much too soon.

However, when we came back to London I decided to take that next step and book in for a laser facial at the newly opened Skinfluencer in Chelsea. The boutique space focuses on procedures that celebrate skin health. Now I’m in my 30’s, it’s time to focus on the deeper layers of the skin that topical formulas simply can’t reach and after a chat with one of their experts, Gigi Shakar who has over 30 years of experience, we kicked off a three-step programme that strives to banish early signs of ageing and tackles pigmentation.

“I think women are more concerned today than ever about skin health,” COO of London-based Skinfluencer clinic, Sharin Shafer, tells me. “We see women of every age and skin type, and they universally ask for healthy skin that glows. The three big issues that women universally want to address are tone, texture and laxity. A woman can have unwanted pigment, large pores, acne scarring or laxity. We can even it up, smooth it out, and tighten your skin.”

My first appointment was the most severe of the three. Gigi used Skinfluenced by the Cutera Enlighten III and Cutera XEO Limelight IPL, and combined energies such as Pico and nanosecond laser energy, as well as patented infra-red and green modalities that feature intense pulse light energy. The energies safely and effectively target vascular pigmentation, sun damage and photodamage. The light energy clears away any congestion to tighten the pores, stimulate collagen production as well as cell renewal to address the fine lines around my forehead.


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Not only was I adjusting to the feel of the laser on my skin and the snap as she collapsed pointless veins, but the recovery was pretty heated. My skin literally felt like it was on fire for the rest of the day and then the following days it peeled which is completely normal after a peel. Later on, I observed that my complexion was smoother, though the pregnancy redness was still visible around the nose.

The second appointment was gentler and a little more focused on the redness while the third session once again involved a skin peel which this time resulted on further peeling and pixilation on the surface skin, but once cleared it was by far the best I have seen my skin look.

I’m not ready to give up my concealer just yet, but I have stopped applying foundation or powders, reserving them only for a day out in town which won’t be happening for a few weeks thanks to lockdown 2.0.

Gigi has also been a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the expensive skincare market. From her experience, many formulas available right now are either not potent enough or have mixed ingredients which cancel each other out and hence don’t work effectively. She has also helped simplify my routine so now I’m solely investing in medical skincare that delivers results and are championed by those who work with skin on daily basis.

For now, I’m using ZO Daily Sheer SPF; ZO Hydrating Cleanser; Teoxane RHA Serum® hyaluronic acid for hydration; ZO Daily Power DefenceTM to moisturise with micro-dose retinol; ZO Invisipeel® overnight masque once per week for exfoliation.

I now feel more confident than ever that I have invested in the future health of my skin which will hopefully help me avoid anything invasive for a while.

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