What I Didn’t Know About Having A C-Section

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Story of my C-section…

[dropcap]We[/dropcap] all heard about the miracle of birth and seen it countless times in some of our favourite Hollywood movies and One Born Every Minute. Yes, there’s the struggle but then everyone is smiling-crying at the end as some cheesy music plays over the top.

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I am completely and utterly in love with Lola, but was it instant? Not for me. The shock of the C-section, crazy amounts of drugs pulsing through my veins and fear that we have a little human to look after was overwhelming. It took a couple of showers to get the hospital smell off me, for the ache round my belly and soreness from breastfeeding to subside to finally appreciate the little miracle in my arms.

She’s amazing in every way, but whoever thinks having a C-section is cop out can frankly fuck off. It was not an easier option, don’t think any kind of birth is easy, and the recovery was tough. Natural or C-section, you will bleed for a few days after birth which means sexy adult diapers. Standing up the next day after surgery nearly made me faint and I had to have injections to prevent blood clots for 10 days which left the tops of my legs bruised.

Few days of walking really helped and after spending four nights in the hospital, we were ready to go home. I was terrified of leaving the comfort of the nursing staff who did everything for me, and the first night at home was horrendous because we didn’t have a bloody clue what we were doing! Three months in, we are still figuring it out but it’s a smoother operation.

The scar isn’t as bad as I thought, but you do have a little pouch of skin above it for months if not forever. The feeling around the scar doesn’t fully come back for several months either and I still find it tender and can’t do belly focused exercise for another few weeks. But was it all worth? A million percent yes! She is the most incredible bundle of happiness, no day is the same and even though I’m back at work, I cherish every second I have with her.

Having a baby is such a personal journey but I found it really helpful to read other people’s experiences. Not only do they make me laugh but they also highlight that we all have the same fears and concerns.

Thank you for reading and following me on my motherhood journey, I especially appreciate all the DM’s on Instagram from other mummies, let’s keep supporting each other! x



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