I bought these boots over 5 years ago and I love them more than ever

Invest in timeless and well-made boots for winter

Boots weather is officially here and after four years in Dubai, it feels so good to slip on a pair of over-the-knee pair of Stuart Weitzman’s.

My mum has always taught me to never compromise on shoes. Not only do they play a crucial role in supporting your posture, but no one wants to deal with a blister after blister due to the poor fit and quality. Saying that I have a pair of designer sneakers that butchered my feet on the first outing but now they feel amazing.

Contemporary brands like By Far have helped close the gap between high street and high end, but no matter how much you choose to spend I feel it’s all about the craftsmanship and how they hug your feet.


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After a decade of shopping, I have defined the boots that I can turn to time and time again. From heeled to flat, from classic black to deep burgundy, these silhouettes are the final touches that make any outfit feel instantly elevated.

These stompers have lived in my wardrobe for over five years and I doubt I will ever get tired of them. When I was younger, I was trend-driven and splurged on the high street like there was no next season, but now that I’m older I’ve grown to realise the importance of longevity.

Investing in quality over quantity will not only guarantee a long and happy relationship between you and your wardrobe, but it is a small sustainable step we can all make.

Below, are some of my all-time favourite styles that I believe every woman should have in her repertoire.

Chunky boots (bought recently but will be worn for years to come)

Bottega Veneta BV Tire boots high street copy

White boots 

Proenza Schouler Boots

Quirky heel boots

Paige Denim jeans, Louis Vuitton boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

Over-the-knee boots

Tommy Hilfiger shirt dress, Zara hat, Stuart Weitzman boots,
By Victoria Adamson.

Colourful boots

H&M coat, Louis Vuitton boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

Knee-high boots

Louis Vuitton cape, Reiss roll neck, Dolce & Gabbana skirt, Prada boots and bag and Zara hat.
By Victoria Adamson.

Slouchy boots

Prada shoes.
By Victoria Adamson.

Biker boots

Zara skirt, Chanel boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

Printed boots

Dolce & Gabbana trousers and boots.
By Victoria Adamson.

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