How To Survive NYFW in Winter

Battle the cold in style…

NYFW street style winter prada

Prada coat, Dolce & Gabbana dress and tights, Louis Vuitton bag, Wool & Gang hat, Fendi sunglasses and Saint Laurent scarf.
By Victoria Adamson.

Celine coat, Max Mara scarf.
By Victoria Adamson.

I’ve only been to New York Fashion Week once in February and that was the last time. It never looks that bad from afar but trust me, when the temperatures drop below 0oC and the wind from the Hudson blows through the city you’d wish you stayed at home in front of a fire with a hot cup of coco!

Unlucky for me, I was there during one of the ‘coldest winters on record’ and was waking up to weather warnings on the news advising not to go outside, but outside is exactly where you have to be for street style papping and waiting to go into the show venues. Lucky for those going this season, it doesn’t look like it will be dropping to -20oC but it’s still winter out there, so here are my tips on keeping warm and stylish:

  1. Thermals. Not the sexiest word in the fashion dictionary, but with all the layers who the hell is going to know!
  2. Indulge in shearling, puffer jackets and faux fur but go for standout shapes and bold colours
  3. Hiking socks are your new best friends and make wearing high-heel boots extra comfy
  4. Speaking of boots, go for statement block heels and if they’re a tad too slippery scratch the soles or go and get a rubber layer fitted on
  5. Accessorise to the max! Layer those wooly scarfs, go for bright hats, look for for stand-out bags and shoes
  6. Don’t be silly. I was standing outside one venue when it was about -15oC and saw a girl walk across in silky summer dress while her assistant held her coat. There are so many amazing winter styles to wear from OTK boots to chunky knits and capes so save those slinky pieces for September

Baby Lola is keeping me home this season but I look forward to seeing your outfits x



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