How To Style A Silk Scarf This Summer

Power of a simple accessory…

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chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

Chanel scarf, C/meo Collective dress.

chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

Chanel scarf and bag, C/meo Collective dress.

chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

Chanel scarf, C/meo Collective dress, Topshop shoes.

chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

Chanel bag, C/meo Collective dress.

chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

C/meo Collective dress, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

chanel, gucci, dubai, fashion

C/meo Collective dress, Chanel bag.

[dropcap]Hey[/dropcap] everyone and a very happy start to the week. If you have been following along on my Instastories you would know that I have recently come back from a work trip to Amsterdam for a cosmetics brand Ritual’s. I wasn’t very familiar with the products apart from seeing the beautiful trees they have in most stores, so it was great to get a closer look at the brand and their philosophy. Amsterdam itself is a small but pretty place. Everyone cycles (with NO helmets) and there is an unnatural number of H&M stores. Of course everywhere you go has a subtle aroma of weed as it is sold on every corner of every street and the whole place feels like a student town. I did walk through the red light district but to be honest the whole set up just made me feel incredibly depressed. I’m sure each girl has her own reason, and maybe some chose this, but I felt sorry for all them standing in the windows with barely anything on. I didn’t go to any sex shows, though most reviews from those who did sound horrific, and neither did I feel keen to check out the museum of prostitution. Call me boring but the art scene and architecture was more appealing and I look forward to sharing more of my highlights in my Amsterdam guide.

It is definitely starting to heat up in Dubai with most days hitting 40oC so it’s time to start thinking of other ways to wear my hair. Humidity kills any curls while straight styles turn frizzy so a silk scarf is one of the most colourful and unique ways to wear your locks up. You can buy headbands with a twist, but something that I learnt while at Milan Fashion Week is that you can easily do it with one of your own silk scarfs. I stopped by the Gucci store and they went through the whole process that only takes a couple of minutes, the key is to use a large silk scarf like 90cm x 90cm:

  1. Lay it flat and start by folding 2 opposite corners towards each
  2. Once both sides meet in the middle, you can choose how wide you have it
  3. Place the middle of the scarf at the bottom of your head and bring both ends up to the top of your hair line
  4. Tie it once
  5. Then twist the ends round each other to create a knot
  6. Fix at the back of the head and tuck in the loose corners

Took my mum and me a couple of attempts but once you have it, it’s pretty easy and it add’s retro vibe which is perfect for daytime as well as sunning it on the beach. I think a silky scarf works well with a pretty summer dress like this one paired with easy going accessories like mules and a mini bag. I also worn this scarf with a crisp white shirt, mom jeans and point toe flats. 

How would you wear your silk scarf? Share tips and tricks in comment box below x

Photography by Olga from Sand in The City


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