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How to run a blog like a boss and work full time…

Zara top, Tibi full skirt. By Victoria Adamson.

Zara top, Tibi full skirt.
By Victoria Adamson.

I’m not the most organized person in the world, especially when it comes to balancing work and blogging, but I know that when I have everything in order it works wonders for my stress levels and productivity.

I started my blog when I was freelancing at various magazines and had gaps between jobs allowing me time to work on my website. Once I began a permanent contract at Harpers Bazaar it was harder to keep on top of all the posts, shoots and projects so for a short time blogging took a back seat. It was frustrating as I love working on my own creative space, so when we moved to Dubai and had a few weeks before starting a new job, I made it my mission to get more organised.

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who is juggling work and website and I know there are those who have families to think about too. Blogging is a full time job, whoever tells you otherwise is not doing it properly. The time it takes to come up with shoot concept, organize it, edit, upload, write and then social is more than I’ve ever imagined. The good side is that you really learn to multi task and how to best manage your time. The bad part is that you will come home and be on your laptop in bed until late working on your posts. So how do I try and stay on top of everything without losing my mind? Here are some tips on getting shit done:

  1. Get a calendar and plan ahead, or better a spreadsheet! You can’t imagine the days I spent panicking because I didn’t know what to post. Schedule at least a months worth of content and blast as much as you can in the evenings and weekends so that they go live on time during the working week.
  2. Shoot more than 1 look per session. My photographer and I try and do at least 6, which is intense but we make it happen.
  3. Lists! I make so many to do lists and then give myself one productive hour a day to go through them.
  4. Recycle content. There are plenty of posts that can be updated with new shopping links or maybe you’ve done more than two posts featuring the same bag/colour/dress/shoes so reuse them and create trend posts.
  5. Chill out! If you have nothing to post then don’t force yourself to create something you’re not happy with. You’re not a machine, so just breathe and know that everything will be okay. 


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