Blogger Tip: How I Grew My Instagram

how grow instagram fashion blogger

What has worked for me so far…

how grow instagram fashion blogger

ASOS shirt and Zara bag.

That million-dollar question. When Instagram following is treated like a currency and you’re judged on your engagement, growing your account has become a number one priority for bloggers, me included. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to keep up with new trends or changes in algorithm and it’ s frustrating when you find something that worked for you one week and then fails the next.

It took me over a year to get to 10k, which happened when we moved to Dubai, but from then it started to grow faster and hit 20k a few months later. I’ve put that down to moving to a new country and gaining a new audience which was amazing and now I totally get why travel bloggers do so well, everyone wants an escape so make sure to post loads when you’re on your next holiday! Over time you find what works for you. For some, it’s sticking to the same theme be it filter or style of images, for others it’s cropping in on the accessories – for me it’s the walking shots and simpler outfits that attract a bigger audience. I have tried plenty of ways to grow my Instagram and certain things have remained constant and this is what I try to stick to:

  • Use analytics tool on Instagram. I go through my top posts of the week to see what worked and what didn’t
  • Consistent content. I post 2 times a day, always outfit posts and find something unique to include for an extra wow factor be it a cool wall or my dog. Great example is @jenniferlake, she found her niche and is consistent with the theme
  • Captions. I like asking questions and opinions as well as sharing something funny from the day. @shortstoriesandskirts does it so well!
  • Commenting on others. Engaging has definitely helped my growth and I’ve met lovely bloggers through it
  • Good photography. I have actually found that pictures taken on my phone do better than professional images that I always use on my blog. I think that’s down to the fact they come across more natural, but even on my phone I make sure the light and quality are good
  • Hashtags. You can use up to 30 and I always add them in the comment section so the post itself looks clean. I have them all saved on my phone so it’s an easy copy and paste job and the one I always use are #ootd #fblogger #fashionblogger #fashionblog #styleblogger
  • Submit your ootd. Sending my pictures to, @wearit_loveit gave me an incredible boost at the start. There are plenty of other like aboutalook.

When Aimee Song (Song of Style) came to Dubai for a blogger conference she said something really interesting – brands nowadays don’t look at your following as much as your engagement. You may have a million followers but how many of those are active users, the superfans who will actually care about what you’re posting and comment? Your connections and comments on posts speak more volumes than numbers at the moment, so engage with other users, ask questions and reply. Its called social media for a reason!

I hope you found this helpful, please leave your comments below if you have questions! Next week I’ll be sharing what doesn’t work when it comes to growing your following…


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