How I Take Care Of My Designer Bags

TLC equals longevity 

[dropcap]Recently[/dropcap] on Instagram I shared a post of my Chanel bag collection which received a few requests about how I look after them.

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My first designer bag was a Prada tote that my mum bought for me 15 years ago and I still use it today for work. She has always been extremely careful with all her purchases and encouraged me to do the same.

bag care designer chanel dubai fashion blog diana

After staining one of my white Prada bags with navy jeans (sin of all sins) I’m determined to keep them looking as good as possible for when Lola decides to go through my wardrobe.

So here are key things to remember: 

If storage is not an issue, keep the boxes that the bags come in 

Tissue paper is must. Line the pockets and stuff the bags with as much as you need so they hold their shape 

Go the extra mile and use tissue paper on the handles too

Place your treasured possessions into dust bags

Try to avoid storing the bags on top of each other 

For resale purposes, keep receipts, tags and any cards with the guarantee details

bag care designer chanel dubai fashion blog diana

Obviously this is too much of a fuss to do each time, so I choose two or three bags for the week and keep rotating.

Hope that helps and please feel free to leave any comments. You can also screen grab this post and share on you Instastories tagging me, and I’ll give you a shoutout! X

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