How We Got Baby Lola to Sleep Through the Night

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One of the best feelings ever…

baby sleep tips dubai blogger

[dropcap]March[/dropcap] 25 2018 will forever be stuck in our minds. Not only because I wrote if down and pinned it on our notes board, but because it was the first time Lola slept through the night.

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How did we get there? To be honest, I don’t entirely know but I feel like a few factors contributed to this miraculous occasion. In the past years as non-parents we took the sleep for granted, but appreciated every single lie in. Those days are gone, and now being able to sleep in past 6am is an achievement, but boy it feels good after initial months of waking every 2-3 hours. Parenting is bloody hard, and running on little sleep makes it even harder.

After reading Baby Secrets we started Lola on a 3-hour feeding routine. We had the ‘dream feed’ as per recommendation, and of course at the beginning we expected sleepless nights. However, I wanted to keep stretching her as much as I could and this dream feed just got in the way. The doctor told us to let her sleep, so we did and things started to shift. Sure, I was still up once or twice a night, but least I could go to bed at 10pm and not wait till 11pm to give her the bottle. 

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Slowly, she started to sleeping longer. We reduced the feed before last, and gave her extra milk at bedtime (we feed her HIPP formula). We tried to keep her shower time ‘relaxed’ but we just had too much fun, and if I’m honest, I think we just wanted to tire her (most days It’s the other way round). I attempted the baby massage with Mustela cream (amazing on her skin) but she much prefers to wiggle around. Sleeping aids didn’t help, but white noise and a dummy did, though she loves Ewan the Dream Sheep now she’s six months. She sleeps better with the room at 23oC with no sleeping bag, and 21oC with sleeping bag (we use Snuz Pouch Sleeping Bag).

Most nights she dreams right through, and if she does wake it’s because she’s rolled over and trapped her arm. We keep the room dark and quiet and soon she’ll be able to move into her own room where for now she’s been taking her afternoon naps. I’m sure things will keep changing with teething on the horizon, but for now we will enjoy the almost perfect nights sleep.

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