I Got My First Tattoo

It finally happened…

[dropcap]For[/dropcap] about 10 years I have been toying with an idea of a tattoo, but something has always stopped me.

Perhaps it’s was the permanence of it, the unnecessary self-inflicted pain, worry of copying someone else or not liking it later down the line.

It is a commitment and each time I was faced with an opportunity to get a tattoo I never went through with it, but now I couldn’t be happier for those moments of hesitation as my first tattoo is absolutely perfect (for me).

first tattoo dubai blogger

By @dxbink

I knew it had to be extremely personal and a tribute to a special point in my life. Not to disregard falling in love with my husband or our wedding, but having kids is a pretty big deal and in a way having her name on my ribs is also a reminder of a man who I had her with.

I was ready for painful scratching, but it never came, if anything it was like being pinched at times. My design is so simple, discreet and petite that it was over pretty quickly and I had 0 pain afterwards.

I do feel that I caught the tattoo bug a little so maybe I’ll add a few more at some point, but for now it is the best first tattoo I could’ve hoped for.

What do you guys think of it?

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