How To Be A Great Magazine Intern

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What I’ve learnt form my time in the fashion cupboard and picture desk… 

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Louis Vuitton coat and dress, Prada boots.

My first ever internship was a 2-week placement at More! Magazine fashion cupboard and boy was I crazy excited for it! I’ve never done work experience before and had no clue about CV’s, never mind cover letters, but somehow I got it and was already playing out all the Devil Wears Prada scenarios in my head.

The reality of starting out in magazines is nothing like that, it’s a tough job in a fast paced industry and although you have some amazing perks, you have to work hard. It’s not glamorous 24/7, but it’s pretty special and to be honest I can’t imagine not being part of this creative world.  After a few months of interning in fashion and a couple of  stints in television, I was offered a six-month placement on a picture desk at ELLE. I didn’t have a clue about this role but it actually ended up being a perfect combination of my degrees and experience! I fell in love with creating visuals for online and print and I was still able to work closely with the fashion and beauty teams. 

Being a newbie is never fun, but hey you got the call back and you’re in so now it’s time to make a good impression. I always had a positive attitude, even when standing out in the rain at 3am! Despite numerous publications and websites, the industry is small and everyone knows each other so here is my advice at how to be the best intern ever:

  • Dress well and show your personality, but remember you’ll probably be rummaging through a packed fashion cupboard or running around the city for props so be sensible 
  • Do your research and know the publication you’re working for
  • Be on time all the time
  • Get involved straight away as you only have a few weeks to make an impression 
  • If you don’t know something, ask 
  • This is your internship and what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it so talk to the teams, ask for advice or feedback, be keen to learn  
  • Leave your bloody phone alone! Scrolling through social media is lunchtime entertainment only 
  • Be proactive. There are times in the day where it may seem there’s nothing to do, but just check with the team for anything you can help with
  • Stay open minded. I started in magazines convinced I’d be a fashion editor of some-sort, but working on a picture desk allowed me to be part of the whole creative process and contribute to all of the magazine departments 

Good luck my lovelies! Any more questions and advice feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email.


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