Chanel’s new jewellery collection has me dreaming of Venice

Prepare to be dazzled

One of my fondest memories is celebrating my 26th birthday in the magical floating city of Venice.

With it’s meandering canals and shimmering water, it’s one of the most unique places on earth so I’m not surprised it served as an inspiration for Chanel’s newest jewellery collection, Escale à Venise.

Comprised of 70 blindingly beautiful pieces and split into four categories, the high jewellery line pays tribute to one of Gabrialle “Coco” Chanel’s favourite destinations.

La Sérénissime


First up we have the La Sérénissime range which pays tribute to the architecture of the city, including facades of the palaces and the polychromatic marble floors of the churches. It is distinguished by the white and pink geometric designs as well as the use of rose gold, baguette diamonds and pink sapphires. The drop necklace is stunning, but there is something constructually captivating about the statement ring. It bears a cross in onyx, yellow and mandarin sapphires and diamonds topped with 6.04 carat pink Padparadscha sapphire.

Gran Canale


From striped detail mimicking mooring poles, star motifs and even a ring in the shape of a hat, Gran Canale is a playful tribute to the nautical themes of Venice and it’s gondoliers. I love seeing the use of semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli and red spinels being used alongside diamonds and gold, it gives pieces a vibrant personality.

Isole della Laguna


I vividly remember breakfasting in the beautiful gardens of Belmond Hotel Cipriani and at the time it was blooming with camellia flowers. Turns out this bud was Coco’s favourite and CHANEL has created three sets in its honour.  With the use of rock crystal combined with yellow gold, famed Murano glass was brought into the world of high jewellery. This translucent gem was shaped into a flower and embellished with garlands and echoes the ornamentation of the Venetian mirrors in Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment on rue Cambon.

Spirito di Venezia


Gabrielle Chanel was a Leo so a lion has always found its way into her creative thinking. In 2013 CHANEL dedicated an entire jewellery collection to this astrological sign and now it makes a return in Spirito di Venezia. It’s subtle yet impactful, especially when it comes to the Lion Secret necklace that features the profiles of the beasts designed in white gold and set with pear and shuttle-cut diamonds watching over a 15.55 carat pear-shaped diamond. The lion is also a symbol associated with Venice so the Maison also worked on recreating the sky where the winged lion appears on the façade of Saint Mark’s Basilica. The mesmerising set is carved from lapis lazuli mosaic and features stars.

Powerful and breathtaking, CHANEL once again balances the codes of the Maison with an innovative approach to fine jewellery making.

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