Can Instagram Giveaways Ruin Your Engagement?

Instagram giveaways might’ve ruined mine…

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Gucci dress, Dior bag and sunglasses, Miu Miu shoes. Photography by Victoria Adamson.

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] know the one thing every blogger has been talking about? Instagram algorithm. From what I’ve seen on people’s Stories and from who I spoke to, everyone is struggling. Engagement is low, the reach is poor, no one seeing the same results on their posts and many can’t figure it out. There are rumours of shadow banning (where your post in invisible to anyone who doesn’t follow you) and hashtags that have been blocked which again leads to zero exposure. To me, that points to the fact the Instagram wants you to pay to promote your content, which stops making it about connecting and sharing inspiring images and turns it into shitty obsessive need to know how to beat the algorithm. 

One popular way to grow is through Instagram giveaways, but I saw a drop in my engagement a few weeks after I did 2 of them. I spoke to several bloggers about gift giveaways and was lucky to be part of a genuine group of influencers who had a real following. My numbers grew fast and I was up by more than I expected, but that was the only positive. Now, likes and comments don’t correspond with my following and when people see my profile they wonder ‘with her numbers, surely she should have more likes?’ Then they click off probably assuming that I bought followers, which in a way I did by paying to be in the giveaway, but they were real people, not fake accounts. 

Instagram giveaways are not all bad as they boost your account, but obviously once it’s over some people do unfollow. The key is not to do too many as 1. it looks like spam and 2. lots of PR’s and brands view it as a desperate attempt to grow a following fast.  From what I’ve learnt, it’s not the following but the engagement that matters. You can have a million ‘fans’ but if only a handful connect with you or choose the hotels you promote or buy the gingham dress you’re wearing, then brands are less likely to collaborate with you and you’re less likely to build a loyal community. So in the end, I guess now it’s not about the numbers but continuing to create what you love and share it with those followers you have. What do you think?

Ever participated in a giveaway? How was it for you? Comment below and if you’d like me to do a separate post on choosing the right giveaway let me know!

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