My Busy Mum Makeup Tips

busy mum makeup tips dubai

Baby on the hip, Touch Éclat in hand…

All the busy mummies will know that sometimes getting ready can feel like an impossible task, especially when it comes to makeup.

I can spend 10 minutes to an hour in front of the mirror, but as Lola becomes more demanding for attention, and I prefer to spend more time with her than on my office (especially during the working week) I had to find shortcuts. 

Personally, I can’t leave the house without some form of makeup as it makes me feel good and put together,  but I have definitely embraced the time-saving tips that I’d love to share with you below.

busy mum makeup tips dubai

Tinting your lashes and brows are a great way to skip mascara and eyebrow pencil, just curl the lashes before heading out the door 

Swap your foundation for CC cream. I love the French/ Korean brand Erborian as it evens out the skin tone. All I do then is use YSL Touch Éclat under the eyes and on any red areas 

Liquid eyeliner has the best staying power and unlike pencil, it doesn’t leak onto eyelids so you can be sure to have the feline flick in place all day 

Use your hands instead of brushes to apply makeup. I use fingers for CC cream, and the cushiony part at the bottom of my palm for cream blush and cream bronzer – Fenty Beauty Match Stix are great for on the go and the magnet keeps them together so you don’t have to rummage through your makeup bag to find them

On the lips, I use lip balm and then fill it in with a lip liner as I find it stays on longer thought the day while the lips remain hydrated

For oily days, Laura Mercier transparent powder is my saviour 

If I need to jazz up my makeup look, I always have products in the office for touch ups throughout the day 

Let me know what you do to cut down on time in the bathroom and thank you again for stopping by the blog! X 




  1. Seher Farooq @sa7arfarooq

    I recently discovered the Tarte Chrome paint shadow pots and they literally making getting ready for a night out or an event so simple. One swipe and you’re done! Love them!

  2. Parma luisella

    Hi Diana, First of all: I love your style, And your babe Lola is so cute 😍. I do love a nice fake lash, But I’m not that good in applying it.. My tip is: cut the lashes in half, And it’s so much easier to apply, Also wait for the glue until it’s a bit dry at least for 20 seconds. Hope this tip helps!! Kiss, Parma

    • I have been avoiding fake lashes as I’m hopeless at application, but this tip could work x

  3. Felicity Harding

    Completely agree with the tip about using hands instead of brushes! My two year has become quite the obstacle when it comes to my makeup time. So now, I sit her on the toilet and give her a makeup brush (with nothing on it) so she is occupied for a few minutes while I have sometime to myself. ❤️

    Also, primer has become my new best friend as I’ve entered my 30s!


  4. My tip for makeup saving time specially when you have a 4 month old (me); is to use this amazing CC+ oil free matte SPF40 poreless finisg full coverage cream + anti aging hydrating serum by IT cosmetics all in one

  5. Maryam solati

    My top tip would be that i dont put full foundation, i just put concealer on whereever i need to cover any spots or discoloration, and i leave the shadow below my cheecks instead of adding bronzer or contour. And always use small brushes for concealers so i have the control of where i want to conceal.
    My IG account: maryam.a.solati

  6. Tinting my lashes is also one of my favorite things to do to be always ready! I also use cream products to skip using different brushes, so I can work all my products with my fingers. But what I found that really makes me awake and full of life is cream blush and cream highlighter (with no glitter, just wet effect). Easy and fast to apply and it makes you look fresh. My makeup tip to look naturally sun-kissed is to apply coral blush on the tip of the nose and cheeks. Next I’m gonna try your lipliner+lipbalm tip! @martaa.em

  7. I also use cc cream . Mine is Onagrine Extreme perfection ❤️ And I only use my fingers to apply 👌🏼 If I don’t have time at all, I just draw my eyebrows and add some blush to the cheeks. And I’m good to go 😁

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