Breakouts in your 30’s? How to tackle blind pimples

What works, and what doesn’t

I hoped by the time I’ve reached my 30’s I could finally say goodbye to pesky breakouts, but it turns out that hormones have other plans.

For the last two weeks, my face has been a host to not one but two blind pimples. Also known as cystic acne, the deeply rooted and painful to the touch zits are some of the hardest to treat as they never reach that poppable stage and instead stick around for what feels like an eternity.

What causes blind pimples?

A surge of hormones are usually to blame for these unwelcome guests and for me it could be to do with my recently replaced contraceptive implant. This sudden imbalance causes an increase in sebum production (oil) which can cause glands to swell up and harden. Stress also has a part to play in the health of your complexion and in my case it’s been a tough few days prepping for job interviews, running after a toddler and dealing with another lockdown.

These are my lockdown pimples and I’m on a mission to shift them.

What doesn’t work?

Don’t try to pop them. Firstly, it bloody hurts and secondly, you’ll be causing more damage.

From days of applying serums, gels and patches, I can tell you that topical products don’t make a difference as these blemishes are deeply rooted in the skin.

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What works

Unfortunately, dermatologists are currently closed, but usually, they can speed up the healing process with an injection. So what can you do at home? A warm compress eased some of the discomfort while ice soothed the redness. I also minimised my nighttime routine. After cleansing with Tebiskin Gly-Clean I applied Blue Aura Cleansing Water from Odacité – it’s supercharged with micelles, aloe vera, grapefruit, neem, holy basil, turmeric and most importantly salicylic acid. These ingredients help banish impurities without drying the skin. I skipped my serum and moisturiser and over time felt the pimples started to reduce.

But the most effective healer? Time. I know I’ll have these unwelcome residents on my skin for at least another week but lucky for me, they are virtually invisible.

Final say

Breakouts are never fun, especially those that never seem to go away. I know that for many, blemishes and acne are a cause of daily anxiety and suffering so a couple of pimples don’t compare. What I’ve always been told is to stick to a balanced lifestyle (I really need to cut down on sugar and dairy, I can immediately see their effect on my skin) and seek professional advice when you’re concerned.

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