Blogging in Dubai, What I’ve Learnt

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It’s different, but good different…

Self Portrait dress.
Photography by Nathan John Alex Dunn.

[dropcap]Happy[/dropcap] Friday lovely people! It’s been a busy few days with my family over so apologies for the lack of posts, but from next week we should be back to the normal 3 posts a week. I have been shooting some new looks and working on something exciting which I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Today I wanted to discuss blogging in Dubai as it’s such a different game to London and I’d really like hear your thoughts too. Have you moved your blog to a new country? How does it differ from one place to another? Let me know in the comment box below and hope you enjoy reading about my blogging experience in desert.


It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Dubai and something I was told to do straight away is network. Unlike London where there is a database of press and brand contacts – here the only way you get to know people is through meetings and events. I have become so used to sending mass emails rather than arranging appointments and purposefully approaching someone so it wasn’t easy at first but everyone so far has been incredibly friendly. Be brave! 


In the first two weeks I also met with a couple of local bloggers who have been a huge support from the beginning. They introduced me to a great bunch of people and making those contacts early on has definitely helped with how blogging works here. Plus it’s always nice to make new friends! Instagram is a great tool for creating a network anywhere you go, so now when I travel to a new place I make sure to reach out to bloggers in that region.

Time Management

There are a lot of events in Dubai. Too many some would say! As everything pretty much stops over the summer and fashion weeks, there is a concentrated amount of time for brands to showcase latest collections or launches so they can be on almost every day – if not several in one day. With work taking priority, I can only attend evening events and what I had to learn to accept is that you can’t always make everything, so prioritising is key.

Dubai is Small

What has become obvious since moving here is that Dubai is small. Unlike in London where you can meet new people all the time, here you will see the core fashion pack at every major party which is nice as it creates a support community. On the other hand, everyone knows everyone so if you hear one bad thing about a person it spreads like wild fire which makes working on relationships and staying professional hugely important. Basically don’t be a drama queen.


As mentioned previously, I have found the people I’ve met to be incredibly kind and open. I’ve had meetings with fashion brands that would not have been possible in London unless I had a huge profile, which is amazing. I feel in Dubai there is still space to grow, it’s not over saturated with bloggers which means there are more opportunities. Appreciate the contacts you make as it can lead to some exciting things in the future.

Now it’s over to you! Share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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