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Just Cavalli sweatshirt.
By Victoria Adamson.

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Tommy Hilfiger shirt dress, Stuart Weitzman boots, Zara hat and Kenzo belt.
By Victoria Adamson.

A while ago a blogger friend messaged me about an event that she wasn’t invited to. She was really disappointed as she has been supporting the brand on several posts but now for the third time, she did not merit an invitation. It sucks, I know the feeling but in those cases you have to consider other factors; Did they only have a limited space for bloggers? Have you worked with them recently and hence on their radar? Despite working with a brand before, maybe they changed strategy and your esthetic doesn’t fit their vision? Collaborating with brands you love is something all of us aspire to in order to grow as a business, but just like in business sometimes you’ll get the deal and another time you might not.

I’ve been lucky to work with a number of amazing labels – some from my own pestering and some from PR’s approaching me for a project. So how do you start working with brands? The first collaboration I did was with Just Cavalli where they simply wanted me style a new sweatshirt. I only had a couple of thousand followers then so was really excited when they reached out and I happily did it in return for a post on their Instagram, which was a huge boost. The next big one was Tommy Hilfiger who I emailed for a ticket to NYFW and to my surprise they replied. I couldn’t believe they wanted to work with a mini blogger like myself but they invited me to their show as well as to check out some of Tommy’s favourite places in New York and I then got to pick a few lovely pieces from their flagship store to take home. Just shows that you don’t have to have a million followers to be the right person for the brand! So here is what I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Reach out to PR company and introduce yourself. Briefly explain why you’d like to work with them and what you’re willing to offer such as outstanding content with beautiful imagery, plenty of links, social media and good SEO etc. Include your stats in the body of the email and send them your press pack (I generated mine on Fohr Card but its easy to design your own). Keep in touch as they are very busy and need to be reminded that you’re still around
  2. There will be more no’s and unanswered emails than yes’s, but don’t let that dishearten you
  3. Learn to say no. I’ve been approached by many companies that don’t fit my blog and you just have to stay true to your brand and politely decline
  4. BUT some unexpected collaborations can open doors to other opportunities so consider all possibilities before responding
  5. We all know the work that goes into a blog post and you should be compensated for our time. Most luxury brands wont pay but you can choose to work with them for exposure. Smaller companies might not have the budget but if you love the project then go for it and be the first to champion an emerging designer, who knows maybe it will lead to future paid opportunities! I personally work on sponsored post basis but in some cases I accept gifting and ask them to support me on their own social media

One you have a yes to a collaboration, how do you manage it? Check out my post next week! Want tips on writing an introductory email to a brand? Let me know in the comment box below x


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