Blogger Tip: Managing Collaborations Like a #GirlBoss

Next step to working with brands…

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Hello my little gingerbreads and Christmas puddings! Are you all excited for the holidays? It’s only in the last few days I felt really festive and now can’t wait for Sunday.

But before switching off for a couple of days I wanted to follow on from the post last week where I shared my experience of working with brands. Today I’m focusing on the next step – how do you manage a collaboration? Building good relationships with PR’s or brands is one of the best ways to get exposure and grow your website, plus it can be really good fun and you learn a lot in the process.

So you’ve sent your email introducing your blog, shared stats and media kit, why you want to work with them, who your audience are and you’ve got a YES. Woohoo easy part done, now serious work begins. As soon as you get a positive response try and get a face to face meeting to discuss a project:

  1. Is it styling one of their items or creating a mood board?
  2. Do they want a blog post, social media coverage OR both?
  3. Are they interested in Instagram/Snapchat takeover or hosting a styling event?
  4. Do they work on sponsored post or gifting basis?
  5. Can they repost on their own social media channels?

Be flexible in what you can offer and what you’d like in return, especially if you’re a newbie. I personally believe that brands work with bloggers because we are authentic and offer unique content so you should be compensated for your work. However, I always keep an open mind as you never know where a project could lead!

Think of your website as a business and approach collaborations professionally:

  1. Invest in good photography/ video
  2. Write an honest post
  3. Deliver the social media coverage you promised
  4. Stick to deadlines

Once posted send them a link, stats on how it did and say how great it’s been working with them. Keep in touch, send ideas and who knows maybe one day you can be one of their brand ambassadors!

If you get approached for a collaboration or a giveaway then get as much information as possible. Find out who else they’re working with and think carefully if this opportunity is right for you. I’ve personally never done a giveaway but heard it’s great for exposure (although one blogger did say they can be fussy). My suggestion is to get in touch with other Instagramers and do something together with a certain brand – the PR will love having more than one blogger promoting their product.

Merry Christmas everybody and I can’t wait to see what Santa left you under the tree! Any thoughts or comments on the post please share below x  


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