Sunshine on a Rainy Day

When the sun’s not shining, there is a way to brighten up your day…

Sunny mood with Prismologie.

Sunny mood with Prismologie.

Best summer mousturiser from Prismologie.

Best summer moisturizer from Prismologie.

It’s so frustrating when all week its been lovely and sunny and as soon as it hits Friday it starts to rain. I doubt this happens in other country’s in July, but it’s common in London and is very annoying! On days like these I always opt for more summery beauty products just to add a bit of brightness to my day and Prismologie yellow body lotion is a great addition.

I’ve had the pleasure to try out some of their other products when they first launched in spring and love the concept of using colour to inspire a scent that can enhance your mood. Up to this point I have used the White Body Cream designed to give your mind clarity which is perfect for the day ahead (Kip loves their Red Body Scrub). But when you really want to feel like ‘jumping up and go’, citrusy notes are your best bet. Im definitely a fan, one of my summer perfumes is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, I always use a lime body wash and love the Kerastase heat protection balm.

Yellow for confidence, radiance and a good day.

Yellow for confidence, radiance and a good day.

The Yellow lotion is super silky leaving my skin feeling and smelling amazing! The scent is definitely a great booster and not too overwhelming on the zestyness as it’s been perfectly balanced with botanical oils and bergamot fragrance. What I love in particular is that the phylosophy behind each colour and product is seen throughout including the packaging and the bottle itself which has has a little message reading ‘Stand Tall. Feel Radiant. Spread Some Sunshine’. I plan to do just that!

What is your beauty product beauty of choice for the summer? Hope you all have a lovely weekend! x


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