Best Prenatal Beauty Treatments In Dubai

Some TLC…

[dropcap]One[/dropcap] thing that I’ve ready a lot on mummy blogs and Pregnancy+ app is that you need to pamper yourself. Not complaints here.

The body goes through so many changes, and even though I haven’t had any sickness or fatigue, it has been an adjustment to wake up in the mornings and see my growing belly. I never had a flat tummy, but the fact that I can’t fit into my size 24 jeans is a bit of a shock and it’s only going to get bigger.

As the baby grows, it will start to put pressure on your limbs (especially ankles and lower back) so it’s good stretch out with a prenatal massage.

I have seen a change in my skin and it’s not the glow that everyone talks about. I have blemishes and spots, which I haven’t had in years, so a cooling and nourishing facial is ideal for balancing out your complexion.

The pregnancy vitamins have done wonders for my hair in terms of growth, but the sun and sand has made it dry so I popped along to the salon to repair and add much needed moisture.

Don’t know what it is but a good mani-pedi always boosts my mood. Chipped nails and dry heels are so easily noticed so even if you prefer at-home pampering, a quick trip to the nail salon is an easy beauty fix.

Here are some of the best prenatal beauty treatments in Dubai.

Prenatal massage, the Pearl Spa at Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah
This is one of the most beautiful spa’s in the city. The huge relaxation space includes a plunge pool and rainforest shower. There is also a large indoor pool so you can really make a day of it. Priority is comfort. The therapist is very attentive to make sure that you get all the benefits in 60 minutes. You lie on your side with the pillow between the legs and towels to protect your modesty. The massage is as deep as you like and and eases out all the tension. Unwind further in the relaxation room with choice of tea and healthy snacks.

Best Prenatal Beauty Treatments In Dubai

Signature Cryo Recovery facial, The Spa at the Palace Downtown Dubai
Great spa in the middle of busy Downtown with plenty of facilities to enjoy, including a small hammam. The therapist talks you through the treatments and using Natura Bisse products starts with a cleanse followed by a thick mask containing algae that peels away any impurities. My favourite part was the cooling crystal cryotherapy balls that glide over your skin soothing any redness. It’s freezing, but feels so satisfying and leaves you glowing. 

Best Prenatal Beauty Treatments In Dubai

Signature manicure and pedicure, The Nail Spa Dubai
There is no shortage of nail salons in Dubai, but The Nail Spa stands out for it’s attentive service, clean and spacious facilities and wide choice of treatments. Your nails are left clean and even while the skin (especially on the heels) was is smooth. The shellac has lasted just under 4 weeks while the pedicure looked fresh for 3 weeks.
 Best Prenatal Beauty Treatments In Dubai

Hair treatment, Aveda Salon Galleria Mall
You have no idea how excited I was for the Aveda Salon opening in Dubai. The flagship in Galleria Mall (theres another on in Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall) is a paradise for hair and is absolutely beautiful. The hair treatment deeply nourishes the hair resulting is glossy smooth locks.

Best Prenatal Beauty Treatments In Dubai

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