I’m a candle collector and these are the best to buy now

luxury scented candles

From luxury scents to quirky designs

Ever since my press trip visiting Diptyque’s factory in France, I have become obsessed with premium scented candles.

Lighting a candle at the end of the evening and have the warming woody notes of Byredo’s Safran or Dior’s smoky 30 Montaigne fill the room feels like a kind of aromatherapy.

It has become a ritual and now I make sure that I have a candle ready to go as soon as one burns out and I already told Kip that instead flowers on our anniversary, I would prefer candles.

Why the price?

The candle market is saturated with an array of brands and until I visited the Diptyque factory I didn’t understand how some can justify their steep price point. After seeing the careful selection and sourcing of the finest ingredients, the time it takes for master perfumers to determine the perfect blend, the precise wax formulation needed for an even and gradual burn and then the manufacturing of the packaging, I fully appreciate why premium candles hold such value.

Favourite notes

I have always been drawn to warmer notes of sandalwood, black pepper, amber and vanilla but I also love the sharpness and roundness of rose and berries so my edit offers a nice balance of fresh and moody scented candle.

How to make candle last longer

To prolong your candle, make sure that the first burn lasts at least an hour and trim the wick as you go. I also love keeping the glass after all the wax is gone and use it for storing makeup brushes and stationary.

The Edit

In my edit, I have also included some quirky shapes and prints. They don’t offer much in terms of scent but act as fabulous decorative staples as well as great stocking fillers.

Main image: instagram.com/bableit

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