If you only add one accessory to your Christmas wish list, make it a Gucci belt

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You’ll wear it on repeat

When we came back to the UK and I started to unpack all of my clothing and shoes that have been in storage for five years, I had that same feeling you get when you unbox a new purchase.

Circular fashion

Seeing something old as new is what inspired my Instagram Reels series where I style pieces that I haven’t worn during our time in Dubai.

Circular fashion has become even more prominent this year as many of us had to re-adjust our budgets. We are also going out less so you never feel like you wear one item too many times and get bored (apart from loungewear maybe).

Power of accessories

Falling back in love with my old wardrobe has also made me appreciate the power of accessories. Switching from sneakers to heels can instantly transform an outfit. A statement bag can elevate a casual look, while an eye-catching belt can transform the silhouette of a coat or jazz up a knit dress.


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My Gucci GG logo belt has been the perfect partner to dresses, blazers, coats and trousers. This timeless accessory has made it into countless hotlists and it’s been great to see the belt reimagined in numerous ways since Alessandro Michele first introduced it in 2015.

What makes Gucci belts even more desirable is accessibility. Unlike the ready-to-wear collections or handbags, the price point of a belt is significantly lower. Beautifully made, this budget-friendly accessory has more transformative power and wearability than some of the shoes, especially when you buy it in black.

Whether you’re treating yourself or leaving helpful hints for your loved ones this Christmas, why not add a Gucci belt to your wish list and be amazed how quickly it becomes one of the most hard-working items in your wardrobe.

Gucci GG Logo belt in white

gucci gg logo belt

Gucci GG logo belt in pink

gucci gg logo belt

Gucci GG Logo belt in brown

gucci gg logo belt

Gucci torchon GG logo belt

gucci gg logo belt



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