Friday Focus: Q&A With 711

711 bags georgia dubai fashion

Learn more about the 711 Georgian designers…

711 bags georgia dubai fashion

Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia, founders of 711. Courtesy of 711.

[dropcap]Coming[/dropcap] from an Eastern European background, I have always kept an eye out for emerging brands from the region and have been beyond impressed with the talent that not only created a local fan base but as also achieved an international reach. The accessories brand 711 is one of them which has a loyal following of fashionistas who love for traditional craftsmanship hailing from Georgia with a contemporary finish. Hear more from the design duo and shop their pieces at BySymphony. 

Q&A with Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia, founders of 711.

What made you want to launch 711 and focus specifically on bags?
Our wish to launch the brand was linked to the opening of the e-commerce project – The very first product was not a bag, but a beanie embellished with semi-precious stones. It was such a success that we just had to evolve our product line. The first to come was a backpack that evolutionized into the whole range of bags and handwoven accessories. The bags that we introduced were an instant eye-catcher as the technology we came up with was innovative, fresh and one of a kind. 

How important is it that they are produced in your home county of Georgia?
We position ourselves as a Georgian brand with local production and thrive to make our impact on the development of the industry in our country. We wish to show how local artisans create high quality products. 

Why do you think the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design has had a positive effect internationally? 
In our opinion the combination of traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology always drives attention when the focused vision meets balance. 

How did you manage to achieve such a buzz in the fashion world? 
From the very beginning it was surprising for us to acknowledge that the product we created was instantly in demand. The funny thing is that none of us has design education, but somehow we managed to develop the brand with strong recognition and following. We think that the product was strong enough to create the buzz on it’s own. Certainly this is the biggest motivation that keeps the brand going. 

What is your most treasured possession?
For both of us its our children, as there’s nothing more precious. 

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Ana: “Never do tomorrow what can be done today”.

Nino: “The most important in life is desire”. 

Which other Georgian designers are you championing?
We are big supporters of local designers and our e-commerce (separate project from 711) represents the best of the best. There’s more than 20 Georgian designers that we represent apart from other international brands. 

How important is it to create awareness of Eastern European fashion scene?
As Eastern European fashion scene has been on the rise for the last couple of years, it is important to support the up-and-coming designers and give them opportunity to grow. 

If you could choose one piece from the current collection, which would it be? 
Ana: New shape called St. Tropez purse

Nino: Monaco purse. 

What’s next for the brand?
We have endless plans, but for now we’ll keep them quiet. 

I can’t wait to see more…

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