6-Step Guide To Shooting Beauty Flat Lays

Fashion blogger Diana looks at the best beauty products from this month.

From a flat lay novice…

Pink lip beauty trend                         

[dropcap]Something[/dropcap] that I had to learn to do as a blogger while working full time is how to create content that is quick, easy and interesting. Unfortunately I don’t have a partner who is a photographer (my husband literally wants to break my phone every time I ask him for a picture) and I cant shoot daily outfits or features due to work schedule, so the best thing I can do is spend a day over the weekend shooting in the comfort of my home using my own camera.

When it comes to flat lays I go for the basics that look pretty and don’t require too much prep. If you really want to see how the pro’s do it, and also gain some inspiration, then check out my friends Toni’s Instagram @fashitect his work is unique and beautiful. It does take trial and error but here is a check list I follow:

  1. Get a marble board (white or black or both) – everything looks better on marble
  2. Use props that fit the theme – flowers look nice with floral fragrances or use sea shells or sand for summer beauty hauls
  3. Clean your beauty products – finger prints are a no no
  4. Use a wide lense it lets in more light and gives depth to images
  5. Work with natural light the glow of the sunset is my favourite
  6. Try different anglesflat lays can sometimes take more time as you figure out when you want to place everything and what angle looks best
beauty trend dior lipstick

Dior’s Rouge Dior in Poison.

If you have any of your own tips and trick, please do share in the comments below x


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