4 life lessons learnt from Chopard’s Co-President & Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele

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Push creative boundaries and practice patience

One of the highlights of working in publishing is the people you meet and interview. 

During my career in the Middle East, I was exposed to the top luxury brands and fell in love with the world of fine jewellery and watches. It was truly inspiring to learn more about the people that are at the helm of these iconic Maisons and even take something away for my own personal development. 

One of the stellar people I’ve had the pleasure of featuring in Emirates Woman magazine is Chopard’s Co-President & Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele. She has been part of the fine jewellery realm since her parents, Karin and Karl Scheufele III, bought Chopard in 1963. She is now instrumental in its development and the design aesthetic.


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The family-owned jewellery house has years of heritage behind it yet it is constantly innovating. From the recent no-piercing collection and collaboration with the friend of the house Marion Cotillard to an ongoing mission to use ethical diamonds and gold in its designs (the brand also produces its own alloys in an order to reduce reliance on newly mined metal).

In our interview, we discussed sustainability, the brand evolution, and her favourite collection, and below I have listed my top 4 lessons that I have taken away. 

  • Accept that some journeys are long but are worth your patience. In our interview, she expressed the efforts Chopard is making in terms of sustainability and added: “With time and patience, I believe we can change things and even if the change is small, it is definitely worth it.”
  • Don’t be afraid to work with you nearest and dearest. Caroline Scheufele explained that working with her family is “a real advantage in terms of being able to express our creativity freely.”
  • Push the limits of your creativity. “I am truly passionate about my work and taking care of the ladies’ world at Chopard is a real blessing.”
  • A small project could lead to evolution. “I have a special connection with my first jewellery design: the “Happy Clown” pendant. I will always be very proud of this piece as it served later, in 1985, as the basis for an extensive Happy Diamonds collection and it turned out to be the start of jewellery at Chopard.”

Images: Instagram, interview quotes from Emirates Woman November Issue

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