3 things to know before investing in a Cartier Love bracelet


Eternal love

Several high jewellery pieces become icons that stand the test of time. From BVLGARI’s Serpenti to Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra, these motifs are instantly recognisable and are on the list of every jewellery collector. One piece that never ceases to go unnoticed is the famed Cartier Love bracelet.

Dubbed “chastity belt” of jewellery, it was first created in 1969 and requires a screwdriver to lock and unlock – what can be more romantic? The everlasting theme is what makes it a cross-generational masterpiece with the motif extending into earrings, rings and necklaces.

On par with other timeless investments such as the Hermès Birkin bag, the Cartier Love bangle won’t lose it’s value, in fact, many resale sites show that some grow in worth.

Today, many wear a stack of these bangles in a variety of finishes while other’s layer them with other Cartier icons such as the Tank watch and the Clou bracelet – curved nail motif.


My husband bought me the Cartier Love bracelet in rose gold with diamonds for our fifth year wedding anniversary and I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past five years so as far as cost-per-wear goes, it’s a pretty good splurge.

If you’re dreaming about your very own Cartier Love bracelet this Valentine’s Day, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Keep the box, invoice of purchase, certificate and of course the screwdriver if you ever wish to sell it on
  • Unlike me, do give it a clean then and again
  • Be aware that the gold will scratch, whether from other jewellery or an accidental screwdriver slip

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