Throwback to Venice

A look back at a wonderful birthday trip to the city on water…

View from out room on the canal, the gardens, poolside.

View from our room onto the canal, the stunning hotel gardens, the pool was a nice break from all the touristy stuff. Wearing Prada jumper, Zara skirt, DG shoes, Gucci bag, and then Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit.

Surprisingly Venice was never near the top of my ‘Places to Visit’ list (I love lists!) but ever since coming to Italy for the first time a couple of years ago and falling in love with Rome, I made it my mission to see all the best parts of this stunning country (see my pics from Florence last month).

View over the pool at Hotel Cipriani.

View over the pool at Hotel Cipriani.

So last year we hopped on a short flight and then took an hours boat transfer to Hotel Cipriani. Located on it’s own separate island, it’s a perfect spot to see all the beautiful sights (just a quick coplimetary boat ride across to St Mark’s Square) but it’s also is an ideal escape from the busy cobbled streets and canals, especially when it get’s really packed in the afternoon.

St. Mark's Square, Venetian masks, Rialto bridge, Doges Palace in Venice.

St. Mark’s Square, Venetian masks, Rialto bridge, Doges Palace in Venice.

You don’t need more than a weekend to explore Venice as unlike Rome there isn’t as much to do, the main wonder of it is that it’s a city built on water, completely unique and fascinating (so lovely to not see any cars, buses or bikes for a change!) My favourite spot was the Rialto bridge which is best viewed from a gondola so I suggest a short tour around the most interesting sights on the canal including the house of Casanova. Tip: negotiate before getting on, it’s always good to haggle and most hotels are great for advising how much you should pay.

Celebrating at Hotel Cipriani.

Celebrating at Hotel Cipriani wearing Dolce & Gabbana dress, Chanel bag and Christian Louboutin shoes.

The staff at our hotel were absolutely wonderful and made our birthday celebrations extra special. We had a fantastic meal at the Oro restaurant which was much needed as we struggled to find somewhere particularly nice to eat in the centre. A shame considering I love Italian food but I’m not too sure about the Venetian take (canal fish and picked onions anyone?)

Day trip to Murano and Burano. Wearing Celine biker, Louis Vuitton T-shirt, Chanel bag and shoes.

Day trip to Murano and Burano.
Wearing Celine biker, Louis Vuitton T-shirt, Chanel bag and shoes.

Now if you find the time, I recommend a trip to Burano and Murano. In Burano you’ll see all the pretty candy coloured houses and get to explore the shops to find some of the most amazing lace which this village is famous for. Murano is known for the old traditional way of making the well renowned Murano glass which can be spotted in pretty much any good hotel in Italy.

I can get used to travelling by boat!

I can get used to travelling by boat!

Unique in it’s beauty and history, Venice is definitely worth being on your list and maybe a little bit higher than I had it! And now after living in London for 9 years, I can’t wait to celebrate our first ever birthday here with the whole family next Tuesday, so make sure to follow my Instagram and Snapchat (search diana) for all the latest…

Wishing you all a fab weekend! x






  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I will be travelling there in September 😀 Very excited now i have seen these.

    Happy Birthday!!!!! xxX

  2. I wish I visited Venice when I was in Italy a few years back. Your trip looks and sounds beautiful. Loving all of your killer outfits too. I’ve never taken a trip for my birthday, but this year my boyfriend and I are going to the Dominican Republic. Have a wonderful birthday trip!

    Shae @ Current Habits

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