Pros And Cons Of Comment Groups On Instagram 

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It’s a good idea at the beginning, but can it turn into a hassle?

Welcome back to Sweatshirts & Dresses and to another blogger tip. It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some more advice from my time of navigating various social media platforms and managing a blog while also working for a magazine. 

One thing that takes 90% of my blogging time is commenting. I wake up and jump straight on my Instagram to reply to messages, on my way to work I write 5-word comments on recent posts and do the same during lunch and on my commute home, all in order to give my post further exposure. Due to the new shitty algorithm you do have to give more to get something back and it sucks as it takes the fun out of discovering new accounts and getting to digitally meet lovely people like you. However, it’s encouraging to see the same accounts supporting me that I cheer on in return. 

Commenting groups are there for that support where each member likes and comments on other members pics. Most of these can have up to 15 people (correct me if I’m wrong!) and there are set rules for example: comment with at least 5 words, no emojis, don’t send more than one post a day and make sure to catch up on the latest ones in the group first before sharing your own. On a plus side, you are always guaranteed some comments which brands and PR’s find appealing as it shows engagement, you also get to interact with other bloggers as well as share tips on new ways to manage the algorithm.

But as with anything there is a downside. I got carried away with joining groups and ended up in four. It was too many to keep up with while also having a full time job and in the end I was kicked out of one just because I took a phone break for a day (I know, brutal). There’s also an argument that although engagement looks good, are they actually going to click on the product you’re featuring or attend an event you’re promoting, or are they just trying to boost their numbers? In all honesty I think we’re all trying to do that, but there are some people that join these groups and never comment back, which is damn rude and frustrating. 

If you’re just starting out, these are a nice way to make new contacts and grow traffic. In my case, bloggers reached out to me to see if I wanted to join their comment groups so don’t be afraid to DM one of the people you follow and see if they’re part of a community that you can be invited to. Once your interactions grow, you’ll have a bunch of people that you support and eventually may not need be part of a specific comment group. A few local Dubai bloggers and I started our own and that’s the one I’m sticking with for now as I know that we genuinely want to encourage one another, rather than just rack up the numbers. 

What are your experiences with comment groups? Share below! x


  1. Hi Diana,

    I am part of several engagement pods and it works for me well. Yes, it is a lot of work but it is easier to follow new posts from your favorite bloggers this way. I like it.

  2. Interesting read, Diana, thanks for sharing your experience. I am relatively new to social media and blogging and I am finding it quite hard to grow traffic via IG, plus the algorithm seems to benefit bigger accounts. Anyways, I think it’s best to have real engagement with people who genuinely like what you do and that are potential buyers than fake the numbers, but we have simply become so obsessed with numbers that it’s difficult to see that sometimes! Hope you have a great week, girl

    Saida | She talks Glam

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and keep at it! for some it happens quicker but for me it tool almost 2years to reach 10k followers x

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