Post-Pregnancy Skincare With Dior Total Youth

dior capture youth dubai fashion blog

Adding Dior Total Youth to my post pregnancy routine…

dior capture youth dubai fashion blog

dior capture youth dubai fashion blog

It has been almost two months since the birth of baby Lola and my body has been readjusting.

No Pregnancy Glow Skin Tips
My Month With Alpha-H

Pregnancy glow didn’t exist for me, and I’m actually questioning whether it’s a thing at all. Basically I’m calling bullshit. Hair wasn’t much of an improvement either so going back to my ‘normal’ self didn’t worry me so much- even though I heard horror stories of hair falling out so I’m sticking with pregnancy vitamins while I’m breastfeeding.

Recently I went to Dior even for the launch of Capture Youth skincare range that has several serums to suit each persons needs along with a day and night cream. After a skin analysis I was really surprised that all aspects of my skin were normal or above normal, the only thing that lacked is radiance which is expected for living in a county of AC and staring at a computer screen all day.

The expert prescribed the The Glow booster serum that is packed with vitamin C and designed to improve radiance. I’ve only been using it for two weeks so I’ll let you know how it goes, that is if I can see results past the bags under my eyes from middle of the night feeding.



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