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Mini bag trend: Chloe drew bag, Topshop skirt H&M coat. By Victoria Adamson

Have you noticed the bags getting smaller?

Celine biker and skirt, Prada bag. By Victoria Adamson.

Celine biker and skirt, Prada bag.
By Victoria Adamson.

They may not be the most practical every day bag, but there is something so cute and charming about a mini bag and over the last few fashion week seasons I’ve noticed street style stars downsizing their accessories.

Personally I think Chanel‘s much loved plexiglass clutches started the craze and this season we saw other designers shrinking their bags with Fendi releasing micro almost keyring size bags while everyone else went mad for Chloe Drew’s and Celine played it cool with simple but standout mini’s.

Saint Laurent jacket and Louis Vuitton bag. By Victoria Adamson.

Saint Laurent jacket and Louis Vuitton bag.
By Victoria Adamson.

I find it incredible how much lust power a little bag can have and it’s even better when you see some people layer two or three at a time or attach them to their large totes like at Fendi. Providing a delicate touch to any outfit, mini bags are perfect for the summer when you don’t have to worry about carrying an umbrella or gloves, just throw in your credit card, phone and lipstick and you’re set for the day! Tip: go for candy colours to brighten up even the simplest of outfits.

The mini bag trend.

Peter Pilotto coat, Roksanda dress, Chanel bag. By Victoria Adamson.

Here is my pick of the best mini bags around at the moment:

Small and powerful or pointless? Let me know what you think! 




  1. It is true, the bags keep getting smaller but mine aren’t (: I often have to carry around books and/or my laptop so I often stay away from getting small bags (even though I love them). Your Drew bag is beautiful!

    – Deniz

    • True, mini bags are not for every day, I always have a larger bag for work although my Drew does fit in my kindle which is good! x

    • Yes some are just too small but they’re so pretty, thanks for checking out the post x

  2. I love mini bags and think they look great with outfits. My issue is that I use my purse or bag to carry everything so many days of the week, so I am not sure how practical they are! Although they do look so fab with an outfit!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I agree not an every day carrier, maybe just for days off or nights out x

  3. I would feel naked without some sort of bag, and I feel that the mini bag is perfect for those days where I just need a bag just to have one but dont have much to carry. Fashion for fashion sake.


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